Stuck - Inertia Man

Blood reaches him,
pooling across a concrete floor,
but he can't move his feet
from the guilt
that will stain his shoes
and leave prints
if he walks away.
So he waits

Random strangers throw rocks
with his name on
and even the once-adoring tabloids
blare headlines at him daily
suggesting his departure
but he stays.

He insists

A helicopter hovers above
ready to lower
a compassionate rope
if only he would signal
but he sits

The tides themselves urge him
Wind and sun join the call
Rain bullets his face,
dissolves his shirt.
He resists

A megaphone reminds him
he can go.
"YOU... CAN... GO!!!"
But no

A stench rises around him.
His friends melt away.
He persists

Even his thoughts
no longer leave.


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