Stuck - Cat 2 - Up Tree Fluff

dear cat
one time you

stuck in tree
probably not remember
tiny fluff brain

but you stuck
and you mip and mip
and mip and mip
and mip and mip and mip

like bloody car alarm

we hear mip and mip and mip
not know where
and out is snow all over
and chill and freeze and dark

so we go
through neighbour's house

trample trample
sorry neighbours can we?
thanks neighbours 

sorry neighbours
to neighbour's garden

you not there
we go back

trample trample
sorry neighbours 

thanks neighbours
sorry neighbours

back lane 

and there you are
mip and mip and mip
mip and mip and mip
tiny fluff brain up high
can't think of down

Go in and Google

Aha! RSPCA...

"heat fresh food, put at bottom of tree"
"smell will rise up and entice"

Internet best thing ever.

heat stinky food
offer anxiously and nauseously
to high godlette of fluff
and wait
hover round tree
slip on ice
swear again
and eventually go in and sleep
despite mip 

and mip

In morning
has worked
fluff feet on ground
post-adventure sparkly-eyed triumph and uptailed pride
"mip, did you see me?
queen of tree!

feel free to bow down
now I hungry"
and mip

if you were child
could say to you now
"So that's what we did for you, 

you see, 
when you were so tiny... 
And oh my goodness this story shows 
how much we care about you 
and what great love drove us out 
to inconvenience our neighbours, 
heat up disgusting meat, 
clamber about on ice, 
stay up half the night... 
You must never do that again! 
And you must surely 
feel so very, very loved!"

But you are cat
so instead you glare in wrong-biscuited outrage

sick up some fluff on carpet
and mip

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